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1221 - 1228 of 1228 records
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1166 16539 A2014.40 Silchester Platter TR 1B Reading University 7763 56 05C01 R N Large platter TR1B with light orange sandy core; red slip, thick over upper surface; thin on underside. Reading S</\/\E>R[T]. Condition - very small sherd.  
1167 16122 A2014.40 Silchester Platter TN Reading University 7735 385 01A01 C Y Medium/large platter; functional footring 6 mm. TN - hard, pale blue dense matrix; blue-grey variated surfaces; polished upper, matt lower. Reading: -A[...]. Condition - bladed marks.  
1168 A29.2006.1466 Merlin works Leicester Cam 5 TN Leicester University 1373 132 04A01 R N Cam 5 functional footring. TN heavily burnt and discoloured to pinkish dove grey; burnished interior, facetted lower. Reading SOIIRINI or SOBRINI; across double rouletted wreath.  
1169 A29.2006.1466 Merlin works Leicester Platter TN Leicester University SF42 18 02H02 C N Small platter, TN - grey sandy core; black surfaces with a highly polished finish. Reading: - IVL:IoS bordered. Too deep to rub.  
1170 4850 Bloomberg BZY 10 London Cam 16 TN MOLA SF5598 386 01A01 C Y Cam 16, functional applied footring 80 mm diameter; marked offset at rim angle. TN - fine grey sandy matrix; sparse black grits; black polished finish. Uncertain reading. YI/[] or rotated. One concentric ring. Condition good, obviously not worn; ?complete, broken at excavation.  
1171 A29.2006.1779 Merlin works Leicester Platter TN Leicester University RC118 186 03B01 R Y Radial. Large platter, very shallow footring, 7 mm. TN pale grey fine sandy, grey argillaceous grits; pale grey underside. Blue-grey polished upper ?slip.  
1172 10730 A2010.48 Silchester Platter TN Reading University SF6015 41 01A01 R Y Radial. Large platter, shallow footring 10 mm. TN hard, whitish matrix, grey argillaceous grits; dark blue-grey surfaces, matt underside, polished upper. Reading: VIIICOS  
1173 10032 A2009.20 Silchester Cam 14 TN Reading University sf 5637 186 18A01 C Y Cam 14, applied functional footring. TN as V1172; two incised circle over footring.  
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