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Oxfordshire - Abingdon


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Quantified data

excavationcontextfabricformStampmnvcomments print
10 records
The Vineyard 2095B TR 1C Cam 74-79   1  
West St Helens St. Unknown TR 1C Cam 74-79   1 x1 sherd associated with SG samian and local fine wares (Timby et al. 1997).
The Vineyard 3677 TN Platter   1 Basesherd from a bowl or platter (Timby et al. 1997).
The Vineyard Unknown TN Cam 14   1  
The Vineyard 5119/1 TN Cam 16   1  
The Vineyard Unknown TN Cam 16   7  
The Vineyard 3262 I TR 3 Cam 82-84   1 rimsherd.
The Vineyard Unknown TN Beaker   1 Two bodysherds from ovoid beakers analogous to examples from Nijmegen (Holwerda 1941, pl. III).
The Vineyard 3760B TR 2     1 very small fragment too small to identify form.
The Vineyard 3092/A TN Cam 15   1 Unclassified straight-sided platter, closest to Cam. 15. (Timby et al. 1997, fig. 1.1).

Associated finds

excavationclassSub Classcomment print
12 records
The Vineyard Amphora Dressel 20  
The Vineyard Amphora Gallic  
The Vineyard Coarseware copies butt beakers  
The Vineyard Coarseware copies platters/cups  
The Vineyard Fineware Cam 113 butt-beaker probably mainly locally produced examples
The Vineyard Fineware Cam 114 beaker  
The Vineyard Fineware Central Gaulish glazed ware single sherd from a beaker with barbotine dot panel decoration
The Vineyard Fineware Lyon ware single sherd from a beaker
The Vineyard Fineware Miscellaneous burnt moulded platter, possibly Lezoux.
The Vineyard Fineware Whiteware flagon  
West St Helens St. Fineware Cam 113 butt-beaker Locally made butt beakers of Cam. 113 type, including examples with applied bosses. Thin-walled, well fired in various shades of orange, cream and grey usually with rouletted decoration.Probably made in the Abingdon area although no kilns identified.
West St Helens St. Fineware South Gaulish samian Dr 15/17, 29.
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