Stamp number 96

Stamp No 96
form Cup
fabric TN
excavation Potter 1971-72
context A137 layer AAH
present Hertford Museum
inventory A137 layer AAH
vr_cat_no TP5
potter No 59
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Die 01A01
Cup ? Cam 58. TN or TR - heavily burnt & discoloured; polished upper. Reading:- BV[CCOS]/[AVOTIS]. 1. 1 DIC. CONTEXT:- A137 layer AAH poorly sealed & disturbed layer coins up to AD 350

name1 Buccos
comment DIES 01A01, 02A01
FORMS Cam 58
SOURCE import
DATE AD40-65
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I; Braughing. Hofheim no 3, TN Cam 8 - stamp obscured but could be Die 01A01.
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