Stamp number 871

Stamp No 871
form Cam 56
fabric TR 1B
excavation Skeleton Green
context G24 Burial L
present Hertford Museum
inventory 901 G24 Burial L
vr_cat_no SG3
potter No 277
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 54 or 56L. TR1B - cream sandy matrix; coral red slip, flaked & laminated; highly polished upper, worn lower. Uncertain Reading:- LIECI: No decoration. CONDITION:- base roughly trimmed at top edge of cornice for re-use as a lid. CONTEXT - Burial L. Used as lid for flagon in a cremation dated to the Antonine period at Skeleton Green.
name1 LIECI:
name2 Uncertain
comment The style is noticeably cursive with letters of elongated shape and uneven size interspersed with stops. Overall it relates to a group of four other dies with difficult to read uncertain names, they are BIC:o P292, BOITo P7, EOITO(S) P14 and Opposed R P276. All are recorded on cups suggesting that the name was shortened to fit the base size. P7 and P277 are on the short-lived early Cam 54 in TR recovered from Late Augustan burials. indicating an early date in the period before AD15 for the die-style generally
DIE 01A01
DIE-STYLE note the use of : in the name
FORMS Cam 54 or 56 (Cam 53}
SOURCE import
DATE Die or Die group, at Haltern15BC-AD10 & Wincheringen so about as early as you can get.
DISTRIBUTION Braughing; Mainz TR cup; Wincheringen (TR173-4) TR1A Cam 53; Titelberg (TI 11, 14,15, 17) TR1B Cam 53; Speyer museum TR Cam 54

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