Stamp number 83

Stamp No 83
form Platter
fabric TR 1C
excavation Clothall Rd
context A287
present Letchworth Museum
vr_cat_no B9
potter No 28
Die No 01A01
def N
pos R
comment Radial. TR1C. Reading:- [PAPIL]OS. CONTEXT - from upper layers of pre-Claudian Pit A287. Published as CASSOS, P51, but appears to match PAPILOS 01A01
name1 Papilos
comment The single die suggests a short period of production at one location in the late Augustan period.
DIE 01A01, The large letters are similar to Canicos P54
FORMS large platters
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION not identified at Colchester, TR - Silchester; Fishbourne; Baldock; Vertault (147 burnt). TN - Winchester; Trier; Andernach; Rheims; Weisenau.

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