Stamp number 795

Stamp No 795
form Cam 14
fabric TN
excavation Jordan Hill
context Burial
present BM
inventory 79 7-12 23
vr_cat_no JH5
potter No 264
Die No 02B01
def Y
pos C
comment DIE 02B01
FORMS Cam 14
SOURCE import

Cam 14. TN - hard pale fine sandy matrix; patchy B/G surfaces; highly polished upper, faceted polished lower. Mark:- I I I I / \ II or II\ /I I I I. 1. 1 BC deeply impressed. CONDITION - complete. CONTEXT - burial
name1 ZM I\ /-motifs
name2 No Border
comment A group of closely related dies on Cam 14 and Cam 16 which could be from the same source. DIES 01A01, 02B01, 03C01, 04D01, 05E01, 06F01. The distribution excludes Sheepen and is concentrated at Chichester 'Cattle Market' the likely military supply depot.
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