Stamp number 728

Stamp No 728
form Cam 56
fabric TN
excavation May 1916
context Unknown
present Reading Museum
inventory 1992.1.2020
vr_cat_no R12
potter No 197
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment Cam 56S, groove below carination. TN - black; highly polished upper to carination; lower matt. Uncertain Reading:- TY(usd)OH. 1. 1 IC. CONDITION:- complete but for 1 rim sherd.
name1 TYOH
name2 Uncertain
comment Uncertain reading, name unknown
DIE 01A01. Note use of - ? and H = ?<TI>
FABRICS TN, ITN/CW - red-brown matrix
FORMS Cam 56, Cam 58
SOURCE import. Die 01A01 may be at Trepail (2)
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I; Colchester 'Cemetery unknown'; Silchester; Langres, TN cup; Trier (TR59) Cam 56C in Trier TN B.
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