Stamp number 7

Stamp No 7
form Cam 54
fabric TR 2
excavation King Harry Lane
context 241
present BM
inventory 1976 5-1 600
vr_cat_no KHL7
potter No 7
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 54, thin walled. TR 2 - red fine sandy matrix; laminated; polished upper, spalled lower. Reading:- BO.l'lo = BOITO(S). BOLL(usd) o = BOLLO(S). 1. 1 IC. CONTEXT - KHL 241 - PHASE 1. Male. Central burial in earliest enclosure.

name1 BOITO '
name2 BOLLO
comment A single Idiosyncratic cursive die-style with uneven letters and stops. Uncertain reading, name unknown. - BO.l'lo = BOITO(S). Middle strokes may be L (rev)T = BOLTO: L (rev)L (usd) = BOLLO: T(usd)T = BOTTO(S). Overall the style relates to a group of four other dies with difficult to read uncertain names. See B:ICo P292 for a discussion of this style.

DIE 01A01.
FABRICS TR2 & TN {TR1B at Norme}
FORMS Cup Cam 54 {small platter}
SOURCE import. Marne-Vesle
DATE before AD25
DISTRIBUTION Verulamium, KHL Cemetery; Silchester; Norme 'les Grands Arbres' (EP4), TR1B small platter.

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