Stamp number 657

Stamp No 657
form Cam 7
fabric TN
excavation King Harry Lane
context 27
present BM
inventory 1976 5-1 66
vr_cat_no KHL37
potter No 192
Die No 01B01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 7. TN - pale fine sandy matrix; B/B surfaces, spalled & laminated, no finish survives. Border. Reading:- TO___/ VOC____ = TORNOS / VOCARI. CONDITION - complete but very worn, too abraded to see decoration. CONTEXT - KHL 27, 1 - PHASE 3. Adult. In cluster beyond latest enclosure.

comment Complete stamp impressions but worn flat. DIES 01A01, 02A01, 03A01, 04A01, 05A01, 06A01, 01B01, 02B01
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