Stamp number 580

Stamp No 580
form Platter
fabric TR 1C
excavation Sheepen I
context Unknown
present Colchester Museum
inventory No info
vr_cat_no 173
potter No 162
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Central - 2 impressions in cross formation. TR1C - fine sandy orange matrix; red under slip overall; thick darker slip on upper surface; worn, no finish survives. Early TR. Border. Reading:- [A]NDEROVR. CONDITION - trimmed around inside line of foot-ring

name1 Anderour
comment DIE 01A01
DIE-STYLE Letters D and O are dotted, E has double bars, while V and R have dotted serifs. The style of letters is unusual and resembles that of the abbreviation /\:ND P96 V241. The cross stamping is a early feature borrowed from Arretine potters.
FORM platter
SOURCE ?Rheims due to style of die
DATE ?pre-Claudian due to style and fabric
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