Stamp number 496

Stamp No 496
form Cam 58
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen II
context 601
present Colchester Museum
inventory Pit 601 5
vr_cat_no CN85
potter No 42
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment ICP
Cam 58L. TN - white fine powdery matrix; B/B polished surfaces. Border. Reading:- I IOVAY.V. 1. 1 IC. CONDITION - standing pot, 1/2 rim lost.
name1 UX__ \ VX___ '
name2 XV Abbreviation
comment ICP
An abbreviation, name unknown, possibly even to be read as a number 15. This potter has the widest recorded distribution of one die in Britain.
DIES 01A01,(01X01) A retrograde reading; note that X tends to register as Y. with a stop.
FORMS cups (2), Cam 56 (6), Cam 58 (6), small platter (1)
SOURCE Courmelois? (J12)
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen (3) ; Sheepen II (4) - in main pit groups Pit 601 (2) and 252; Fingeringhoe; Old Winteringham; Leicester; Chichester 'Chapel St'; Silchester (3); Bavay (BAV 29) TN Cam 58; Nijmegen, TR Cam 56 & 58. Baralle Cemetery, TN Cam 58

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