Stamp number 10

Stamp No 10
form Cam 56
fabric TN
excavation King Harry Lane
context 173
present BM
inventory 1976 5-1 429
vr_cat_no KHL10
potter No 9
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment Cam 56; groove under carination. TN - pale sandy laminating matrix; B/G surfaces; polished upper, faceted lower. Border. Reading:- C/-\RIsso/RITVSCI/\. 1. 1 IC. CONTEXT - KHL 173, 1 - PHASE 2. With Cam 1 platter in Mica TN. In cluster beyond earliest enclosure.

name1 Carisso**
name2 Rituscia
comment FABRIC B, NA 14175R. NA FABRIC C 14176P
Only one die has been identified its distribution is wide and suggests that the slave Carisso worked for a master, Rituscia, for a limited time at one location. The output included Cam 8 and Cam 13 platters and Cam 56 cups, chiefly in TN. The name Carisso occurs on 1-line dies and may mean that Carisso went on the work alone. Rituscia is not recorded separately.
DIE 01A01
DIE-STYLE Typical letters; - A with bar to right, usually missing; large R; small s; tiny o, small T;
FABRICS mainly TN, TR1C FABRIC B, 14175R and FABRIC C, 14176P stamped with same die
FORMS Cam 8, 8/7, 13, 56
SOURCE ?Marne-Vesle potteries
DATE Trier, TN cup 'in Tiberian grave'
DISTRIBUTION KHL (3); Sheepen I; Silchester; Wilmington; Bavay (BAV8) TN Cam 12; Nijmegen, Cemeteries O and E, TN Cam 8 (3 each); Trier, TN cup; Andernach; Strasbourg, TN cup
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