Stamp number 487

Stamp No 487
form Cam 14
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen I
context P14 4'
present Colchester Museum
inventory P14 4
vr_cat_no 89
potter No 72
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment Cam 14. TN - hard fine sandy white matrix; patchy B/G surfaces; highly polished upper, polished lower.. Border. Reading:- VISEROS. 1. 1 BRW.

name1 Viseros
comment DIE 01A01. Note E with 3 bars top and tail,
FORMS Cam 14, small & large platters
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I; Eccles; Hacheston; Luxembourg Museum, TN; Bussy le Chateau, TN cup; Evreux, TN; Alesia TN
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