Stamp number 44

Stamp No 44
form Cam 56
fabric TN
excavation Town
context CH 62 DG2
present Chichester Museum
inventory David Greig 90 C11
vr_cat_no CH9
potter No 44
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 56L. TN - soft sandwich matrix with pellets; dark B/G surfaces; burnt, no finish. Reading:- ATE[_] 1. 1 IC

name1 ATE[___]
name2 Atesati \Aetius
comment ATE is an abbreviation. The possible names are Atesati(os) P1 and Atevla\Ateula P101.
DIE 01A01
FORMS Cam 56
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Chichester 'David Greig'
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