Stamp number 905

Stamp No 905
form Cam 13
fabric TN
excavation May 1916
context Unknown
present Reading Museum
inventory 1992.2.1559
vr_cat_no R30
potter No 343
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 13. TN - pale fine sandy matrix; dark G/B surfaces; polished upper, smoothed lower. Border. Cursive;-I/\IXI \I). 1. 2 deep IC. CONDITION - restorable to complete - should be from a burial.
name1 ZC I/\IXI \I)
comment Uncertain reading, closest parallel transcribed very differently but followed.
DIE 01A01
FORM Cam 13
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Silchester. Probably paralleled at the Titelberg, Grave 12, TN Cam 12 but reading doubtful.
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