Stamp number 885

Stamp No 885
form Cam 58
fabric TN
excavation 1971-80
context MM71 MVI+ DWMP 67
present Exeter Museum
vr_cat_no EX1
potter No 307
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 58, lip offset replaced by burnished groove. Foot-ring prepared as a flanged disc and applied. TN - white fine matrix with inclusions; dove grey surfaces; polished upper, poorly finished lower below flange. Border. Cursive:- /-\II=I I( 1. 1 fine IC. CONDITION - a badly distorted second with uneven rim edge and flange. CONTEXT - Exeter, basilica 2A construction c 90-100. Holbrook & Bidwell 1992 Fig 7, 2

name1 ZC /-\II=IIO
comment Cursive letters. Possibly reads ATEIO. Letter A bar left; tilted T; E has tail; last letter ( or C or O.
DIE 01A01
FORM Cam 58
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Exeter, Basilica AD 90-110

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