Stamp number 836

Stamp No 836
form Cam 56
fabric TR 1C
excavation Sheepen II
context 601
present Colchester Museum
inventory Pit 601 5
vr_cat_no CN97
potter No 261
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment ICP
Cam 56L. TR1C - fine sandy orange matrix; darker slip; polished finish. Border. Mark :- IIIIV or /\IIII. No decoration. CONDITION - complete vessel fragmented in situ CONTEXT - Pit 601
name1 ZM IIIIV$
name2 ZM /\IIII
comment DIE 01A01 One of most common dies at Colchester
FORMS Cam 56 (6), small & large platters
SOURCE ?import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I(2) & II (5); Kelvedon; Nijmegen, Cemetery 0, TR Cam 56.
Die-group Hunnerberg TR Cam 58 (2); Mainz; Noyelles-Godault TR Cam 58.

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