Stamp number 953

Stamp No 953
form Cam 16
fabric TN
excavation Clausentum 1951-54
context Pit V 1
present Soton Museum
vr_cat_no S11
potter No 26
Die No 02B01
def Y
pos C
comment Die 02B01
Cam 16. TN - buff laminating matrix; B/B surfaces; polished upper, faceted lower. Uncertain reading:- V ([)CARA] / AV[OTI]. 1 BC.
name1 Vocara '
name2 Vocari
comment Uncertain identification, possibly the potter of the workshop Tornos/Vocari. Vocara used at least 4 double-line dies none in the formal style of TORNOS/VOCARI but all relatively neat and possibly cut by one of the same die-cutters. Epernay (EP3) reads VOCAR / AVOTI, also at Trepail
The single-line dies were clearly cut by other hands
DIES 01A01, 02B01; 2-line dies only,
Die 01A01
FORMS small platter
SOURCE import.
DISTRIBUTION Chichester 'Chapel St';

Die 02B01
FORMS Cam 16
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Southampton, Lake Farm
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