Stamp number 516

Stamp No 516
form Platter
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen I
context Unknown
present Colchester Museum
inventory C31BS5
vr_cat_no 33
potter No 17
Die No 03C01
def Y
pos C
comment Die 03C01
Central, thick base. TN - fine white sandy matrix; mottled B/G. no finish. Reading:- INDVH[O] = INDVTIO(S). No decoration.

name1 Indutios**
comment Three forms of the name are recorded and are matched by two or three die-styles. Die-group 01A bordered, clear letters reading INDVTIOS and Die-group 01B, reading INDVTIO, bordered could be by the same die-cutter. Die-group 03C reads INDVHO = INDV<TI>O and is in a different hand.

DIES 01A01, 03C01
DIE-STYLES 2 at least

Die 01A01
FORMS Cam 8, small platter {Cam 5}
SOURCE possibly Thuisy; a Radial stamp published as reading NDVTI (MZ ZT 1942-3, p 9, Abb 6)
DISTRIBUTION KHL; Silchester; Fouches, TR1B Cam 5; Luxembourg Museum, platters, TR (3), TN (1); Evreux, TN;

Die 03C01
FORMS Cam 8 {Cam 56}
SOURCE import .
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I; Wederath (TR 152) TR1C Cam 8; Epernay Museum (EP2) TN; Nijmegen, Cemetery O TN Cam 56

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