Stamp number 1055

Stamp No 1055
form Cam 14
fabric ITN
excavation Detsicas 1972
context Kiln
present CAT
vr_cat_no pub 5
potter No 153
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 14; moulded functional foot-ring. Over-fired ITN - fine dense matrix with angular and cube-like blow holes where 'temper' has blown.; pale bluish-grey throughout; upper surface smooth, faceted lower surface; no trace of final firing phase to darken the surfaces. 1. 1 DIC+1 BRW around the stamp.
name1 ZC CV-'I
comment Die used at the Eccles Kiln
DIE 01A01
FABRIC ITN over-fired wasters
FORM Cam 14
SOURCE Eccles products
DATE before AD65 when villa established
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