Stamp number 562

Stamp No 562
form Cam 16
fabric TN
excavation Boon 1954-58
context Tr B Layer III
present Reading Museum
inventory 1995.74.104
vr_cat_no R27
potter No 148
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Central. TN. Reading:- BIT)[____]. Large well-spaced letters; 2 stroke B; incomplete letter looks like reversed S or R. Style closest to Bitos P61. 1. 2 IC.

name1 Bit-___
name2 Not recognised
comment Possible names are BITOS P61, BITVCAN P48, BITVOLLVS P66. Bitos is the most likely and Bitucan the most unlikely judging by the letter size and die-styles Bivcan(os) is too idiosyncratic.
DIE 01A01
FORM small platter
SOURCE import
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