Stamp number 486

Stamp No 486
form Platter
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen I
context 1930H&H
present Colchester Museum
inventory C30B25
vr_cat_no 88
potter No 140
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Central. TN - pale fine matrix; dark B/G worn surfaces, no finish. Reading:- VIRIO[DAC]. Tall thin letters. No decoration.
name1 Viriodac
comment A large scale supplier of early TN to continental sites but so far rare in Britain. The use of one die suggests production over a short period in one location.
DIE 01A01
FORMS small platter {Cam 5 & 8}
SOURCE import, Die at Trepail
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I; Trier (TR 6) TR1C Cam 8; Titelberg (TI 5 & 8) TR1C Cam 8; Goblingen Nospelt, TR Cam 5; Fouches, TR am 8 .
Same die-group Dalheim, TR Cam 7B; Lebach, TR; Luxembourg Museum, TR platter; Paris; Mainz, TR Cam 8; Niederhosenbach,TR; Bingen, TR Cam 8; Vechten; Stahl; Vertault; Melun; Paris

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