Stamp number 17

Stamp No 17
form Cam 56
fabric TN
excavation King Harry Lane
context 305
present BM
inventory P1976, 5-1, 785
vr_cat_no KHL17
potter No 14
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 56(A)s; convex foot-ring. TN - white sandy matrix; B/B surfaces; polished finish, spalled. Uncertain Reading:- EoITO or EoLL(usd)O.. CONTEXT - KHL 305, 3 - PHASE 2. Adult. On northern periphery of cemetery.

name1 EOITO
name2 Uncertain
comment The style is noticeably cursive with letters of elongated shape and uneven size interspersed with stops. Overall it relates to a group of four other dies with difficult to read uncertain names, they are BIC:o P292, BOITo P7, LIE:CI P277 and Opposed R P276. All are recorded on cups suggesting that the name was shortened to fit the base size. P7 and P277 are on the short-lived early Cam 54 in TR recovered from Late Augustan burials. indicating an early date for the die-style generally

DIE 01A01 The arrangement resembles P7 Boitos\Bollos, If the initial E = B then same reading follows but on a different die.
FORMS Cam 56s
SOURCE import
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