Stamp number 878

Stamp No 878
form Cam 8
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen 1972
context SHPN U/S
present Colchester Museum
inventory P5391
vr_cat_no CL2
potter No 132
Die No 04A01
def N
pos C
comment Die 04A01
Cam 8. TN - B/G surfaces; highly polished upper, polished lower. Uncertain Reading:- S( )[____] = SOIIRINI. Alternative rotated reading is [(/\((I(]OS = [C/\SSII]OS = CASSICOS. 1. 1 BRW.
name2 ZC CA((I(OS
comment ICPS
The dies are notable for their cursive style with such poor lettering the reading is uncertain - possibly CASSICOS \ CASSICCOS A separate name was given to differentiate the dies from those of CANICOS P54 the most likely alternative but typically with clear readable dies. Originally classified as a different name SOIIIRINI has been added when it became apparent that when rotated the reading matched P106 Die 01A01.
DIES 01A01, 03B01, 04A01= P132
Die 04A01
FORM large platter
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I (2); Silchester; Trier (TR11)TR1C Cam 8.

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