Stamp number 442

Stamp No 442
form Cam 56
fabric TR 1C
excavation Sheepen I
context H107
present Colchester Museum
inventory BS14 H107
vr_cat_no 53
potter No 130
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 56L; deep groove under carination. TR1C - orange fine sandy matrix; darker slip; polished upper, burnished lower . Border. Reading:- SIINORV. Wide N, other letters cramped and narrow. 1. 2 IC. CONDITION - standing complete base to 1/3 rim circuit.
name1 Senoru
comment DIE 01A01
FORM Cam 56
SOURCE import
Same die group, possibly same die at Novaesium, TN Cam 9; Mainz, TR cup.

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