Stamp number 919

Stamp No 919
form Cam 8
fabric TN
excavation Stanway
context BF 64
present Colchester Museum
inventory Burial 5 BF64, 3
vr_cat_no STA 8
potter No 122
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment Cam 8/7straight facet. TN - white dense matrix; destroyed B/G surfaces, no finish. Border. Reading:- II[UDO].
name1 Eudo
comment ICPS sample 23
DIES 01A01. Note the unusual use of U instead of V
FORMS Cam 8, small platters
SOURCE Marne/Vesle; ?Courmelois kilns, Lacroix 64
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I; Stanway; North Ferriby
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