Stamp number 995

Stamp No 995
form Platter
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen I
context Area A dump
present BM
inventory 1953 unreg remainder
vr_cat_no 411
potter No 113
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos R
comment Radial. TN - heavily burnt; polished upper, matt lower. Uncertain Reading:- )( )A(I = DACOS retrograde. 1. 1 IC+1 BRW. Area A dump; probably some joining sherds in rest of dump assemblage.
name1 Dacos
comment Possibly an abbreviation for DACOBITV or VIRIODAC(OS) P140, both common names on the continent and the letter shapes are similar. It could even be a re-shaped broken die.
Dacobitu occurs retrograde and also with various spellings but has not been identified in Britain.
Viriodacos P140 has been found at Sheepen I.
See also P242 Die 01A01 which shares the same letters and style and the uncertain reading is transcribed IIA'O \ IIH'O. .

DIE 01A01
FORMS large platters
SOURCE import

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