Stamp number 82

Stamp No 82
form Platter
fabric TR 1C
excavation Clothall Rd
context A485
present Letchworth Museum
inventory TM/FE 306
vr_cat_no B6
potter No 106
Die No 01A01
def N
pos R
comment Die 01A01
Radial. TR1C. Reading:- (/\([(I(OS] = C/\S[SIIOS] = CASSICOS.. CONTEXT - Pit AD 25-50.
name1 ZC C/\((I(OS
comment ICP
The dies are notable for their cursive style with such poor lettering the reading is uncertain - possibly CASSICOS \ CASSICCOS A separate name was given to differentiate the dies from those of CANICOS P54 the most likely alternative but typically with clear readable dies. Originally classified as a different name SOIIIRINI has been added when it became apparent that when rotated the reading matched P106 Die 01A01.
DIES 01A01, 04A01= P132 ZC SOIIRIN1 Die 04A01
Die 01A01
FORMS Cam 5, large platters & cup
SOURCE import P132 SOIIIRINI at Trepail
DISTRIBUTION Die 01A01 is one of the most common in Britain with at least 14 examples on large platters in TR - Camulodunum (10); Braughing; Baldock; Chichester 1948; Silchester; Trier (TR11), TR1C Cam 8; Freinsheim, Speyer Museum.

When rotated 180 degrees the stamps of P132 are very close to P106 and so the die has been assigned to Cassic(c)os P106 Die 04A01 as the die used for TN.
Die 04A01
FORM; Radial on large platter
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I (2); Silchester; Trier (TR11)TR1C Cam 8.

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