Stamp number 522

Stamp No 522
form Platter
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen II
context E8 59 (1)
present Colchester Museum
vr_cat_no CN11
potter No 1
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Central, domed base. TN - pale fine matrix; B/B surfaces; polished upper, streaky lower. Same die as V72 Verulamium with the border not registering in the impression. Reading:- ATESATI / IVLIO/\V = ATESATI / IVLIO AVOTIS.

name1 Atesati
name2 Julios
comment The name is known only combined with that of Jul(l)ios P18 as ATESATI / IVLIOAV[OTIS} which can be transcribed as made by Atesati the slave of Jul(l)ios. The location of the workshops is unknown, but the Marne-Vesle area is most likely. An abbreviation ATE_ P44 could belong.
DIES 01A01: the die could have been cut by the same hand as Jul(l)ios P18 Dies 02K01-02
FORMS Cam 12
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen II; Verulamium, Belgic Mint
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