Excavation = Castle Field 1925


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Quantified data

excavationcontextfabricformStampmnvcomments print
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Castle Field 1925 Unknown TN Platter   1 "There are pieces of a Belgic terra nigra saucer of the early first century, and several later pieces of developments of the same type, both in yellow and black ware." (Klein 1938, 86).

Associated finds

excavationclassSub Classcomment print
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Castle Field 1925 Amphora   type(s) unknown (Klein 1928)
Castle Field 1925 Fineware Cam 113 butt-beaker "..barrel-shaped beakers of fine pale yellow ware, one having 'engine-turned' pattern (roulette marking) (Klein 1928, 86). It is presumed these refer to butt beakers (authors).
Castle Field 1925 Fineware South Gaulish samian  
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