Excavation = Cadbury Castle


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Quantified data

excavationcontextfabricformStampmnvcomments print
2 records
Cadbury Castle Unknown TN Cam 12/13   1 TN noted as present but no details (Leach 2000, 219); info, V. Rigby who notes facetted burnishing.
Cadbury Castle Unknown TR 2 Cam 76   1 TR noted as present but no details (Leach 2000, 219); info. Rigby 1981a, 162 (Cam, 75/76).

Associated finds

excavationclassSub Classcomment print
6 records
Cadbury Castle Amphora Dressel 2-4 3 sherds: Catalan, Campanian and ?Eastern Mediterranean
Cadbury Castle Amphora Dressel 20  
Cadbury Castle Coarseware Pompeian Red  
Cadbury Castle Fineware imported lamp  
Cadbury Castle Fineware Lyon ware  
Cadbury Castle Fineware South Gaulish samian  
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