Excavation = Bushe-Fox


potter Noname1name2Die NoStamp Nofabricformexcavationcontext print
2 records
341 ZC DI/\ / IIC([   01A01 674 TR 1C Cam 5 Bushe-Fox Unknown
203 ZC II IIO\'   01A01 753 TN Cam 16 Bushe-Fox Unknown

Quantified data

excavationcontextfabricformStampmnvcomments print
15 records
Bushe-Fox Area XVI TR Cam 5   1 Bushe Fox 1949, pl. xci, no 429. "Fragment of Belgic plate of hard, pink clay with pinkish orange surface inside and on the rim: outside pinkish-buff. Area XVI. AD 50-70".
Bushe-Fox Site V TN Cam 5   1 "Belgic plate with moulded rim and low footring. Two concentric circles of rouletting on inside of base" (Bushe Fox 1932, pl. xxxiv, 209).
Bushe-Fox Unknown TN Cam 5   1 Bushe-Fox 1949, pl. xci, no 430. "Fragment of Belgic plate of hard dirty white clay with a grey polished surface. Unstratified".
Bushe-Fox Unknown TR 1C Cam 5 674 1  
Bushe-Fox Pit 14 TN Cam 8   2 Bushe-Fox 1926, pl.xxi, nos 9-10. Plates with raised footing. Hard fumed grey clay, well polished inside and thinly varnished black. Uncertain whether imports or local copies.
Bushe-Fox West ditch TN Cam 8   1 Bushe Fox 1932, pl. xxxiv, 210, " Plate with moulded side and low footring. Hard fumed grey clay with black varnish".. Probably a copy.
Bushe-Fox 142 TN Cam 16   1 Bushe Fox 1949, 265, no 433. Unclear whether import or copy.
Bushe-Fox 87 TN Cam 16   1 Bushe Fox 1949, 265, no 433. Unclear whether import or copy.
Bushe-Fox Area XVIII TN Cam 16   1 Bushe Fox 1949, pl. xci, no 433. "before c AD 85".
Bushe-Fox Pit 144 TN Cam 16   1 A variant of Cam 16 without footring and offset (Bushe Fox 1949, pl. xci, no 434). Unclear whether import or copy.
Bushe-Fox Pit 179 TN Cam 16   1 Bushe Fox 1949, pl. xci, no 432. "Plate with curved side, slightly raised base, and a low footring which does not serve as a support. There is a small offset in the interior immediately above the footring. Hard pale grey clay, black varnished". Pre-Flavian.
Bushe-Fox Pit 56 TN Cam 16   1 Cam. 16 variant with no footring or internal offset (Bushe Fox 1949, 265, no.433). Unlcear whether import or copy.
Bushe-Fox Unknown TN Cam 16 753 1  
Bushe-Fox Area XVII TN Cam 58   1 Base of TN Cam. 58A cup with a potters stamp reading VIIXI or VXIVI (Cunliffe 1968, 172, no. 2).
Bushe-Fox Outer ditch TN Cam 7\8   1 Bushe Fox 1949, pl. xci, no 428. "Fragment of Belgic plate of grey clay. From filling of outer Claudian ditch. Cf Hofheim pl. xxxvi, 97 A, B, and p. 344, figs 86.1".

Associated finds

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9 records
Bushe-Fox Amphora Carrot type  
Bushe-Fox Amphora Dressel 2-4  
Bushe-Fox Amphora Dressel 20  
Bushe-Fox Amphora Richborough 527  
Bushe-Fox Coarseware Pompeian Red  
Bushe-Fox Coins   Large quantities including some 12-14 British plus Gaulish, Roman republican etc.
Bushe-Fox Fineware imported lamp  
Bushe-Fox Fineware Lyon ware  
Bushe-Fox Fineware South Gaulish samian  
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