Excavation = Flannel Street


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Quantified data

excavationcontextfabricformStampmnvcomments print
2 records
Flannel Street Lower fill TN Cam 16   1 (Boon 1970, 188 and fig. 8, D1).
Flannel Street Unknown TN Cam 58   1 (Rigby 1975a).

Associated finds

excavationclassSub Classcomment print
6 records
Flannel Street Amphora Dressel 20  
Flannel Street Amphora Miscellaneous (Boon 1970, fig. 8.17) ?Gallic
Flannel Street Coarseware copies platters/cups imitation Cam. 12
Flannel Street Fineware imported lamp or possibly Caerleon ware
Flannel Street Fineware Lyon ware  
Flannel Street Fineware South Gaulish samian  
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