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excavationTypeDate rangebasis print
186 records
1800's Unknown Unknown  
181-3 High St Unknown Unknown  
1900 Unknown Roman Old find, details unknown
1943 Unknown Early Roman (Green1943, 20)
1945-6 Unknown    
1947 excavation Unknown    
1954 excavations Unknown Unknown Info via Colchester Museum Records - Mr Campden, Fering, Essex.
1955-1980 Unknown LIA-early Roman  
1971 Unknown   Finds in St Albans Museum from the site of the Middle School, 1971.
1973-74 Unknown Unknown From various pit groups, not securely stratified.
1977-81 Unknown    
1988/89 fieldwalking Surface find   Presumably material from fieldwalking survey (cf. Hemblade & Cooper 1989, 57).
1994 (Elm Farm) Unknown Unknown  
199, Borough High St Unknown Unknown Unknown
41 Piccadilly Unknown Residual  
All Hallows Barking Unknown Unknown  
Annetwell St Unknown   (Hird 2000, 126).
Bank of England 1937 Unknown Unknown  
Bath Lane Unknown LIA-early Roman Pottery from various interventions in Bath Lane (1953; 1960; 1962; 1968; 1978); Bath Lane / Welles St (1960; 1978) and Blackfriars 1977. Treated as one assemblage.
Beedings Wood Unknown    
Bell 1976 Unknown    
Benton Coll. Unknown    
Blackfriars 1977 Unknown Unknown For pottery see entry for Bath Lane.
Bushe-Fox Unknown Unknown Richborough IV.
Bushe-Fox 1915 Unknown    
Cadbury Castle Unknown    
Caiger 1958 Unknown    
Calkin 1959 Unknown Claudian samian
Cambrian House Unknown   Evans 2000.
Cannon St 1883 Unknown Unknown Register reads'Cannon Street (FGH Price) [no date of find, unlike others]. Presented by Franks.
Castle Field 1925 Unknown    
Channel Tun Raillink Unknown    
Charlton, Greenwich Unknown   Large well-defended earthwork dating from second half 1st century AD.
Cherry Orchard Way Burial pre-conquest Three complete vessels found in 1920 when a new road was made adjoining the Council School in Tonbridge Rd. No cremation found but association suggests probable.
Clarke 1930, refholder 1 Unknown Unknown (noted in Rigby 1978). Site near Ipswich.
Clarke 1930, refholder 2 Unknown    
Clausentum 1951-54 Unknown Unknown  
?Colchester Unknown Unknown Small collection on sale at Folio Society, date not recorded
Corder Red Cliff I Unknown Unknown Pottery recorded in Corder & Pryce 1938.
Corinium Museum Unknown    
Cottrill 1937 Unknown Unknown  
Cunliffe 1979-1988 Unknown   Appendix 7, CP 9 pottery (Fiche 26: A5-7)
Cunliffe 1987 Unknown    
Cunnington 1909 Unknown Unknown  
Cunningtons 1913 Unknown    
Dawson 2004 Unknown Early Roman  
East Pallant 1934 Unknown Unknown  
East Street Unknown   Unstratified finds from gas trenches (Winbolt 1935).
Elm Park 1994-96 Unknown    
Elsdon 1981 Unknown    
Etonbury Unknown   Ransome Colln. British Museum 1915, 12-8, 28.
Evans et al. 1991 Unknown    
Excavations 1952-53 Unknown Roman Trench X
Eyeworth Wood Unknown    
Field 1939 Unknown    
Flannel Street Unknown    
Fox & Ravenhill 1966 Unknown Early Roman  
Frere 1940 Unknown    
Frere 1941 Unknown Early Roman  
Frere 1986 Unknown Roman  
Gatesbury Henderson Unknown Unknown  
G.C. Dunning Unknown    
Gillam 1957 Unstratified    
Gills Cliff 1953 Unknown    
Gilmour 1930s Unknown   Information gleaned from correspondence between the excavator Mr Gilmour and Christopher Hawkes at the British Museum. More recent work is underway at the site, now known as Bramshott Bottom, by Chichester District Council (2005).
Grammar School Unknown   Presumed to be from the Royal Grammar School, Lexden Road.
G. Webster 1971-82 Unknown Unknown  
Harrison Coll Unknown    
Harvey Lane 1962 Unknown    
Hawkes 1933 Unknown   (Hawkes 1933).
Hawkes 1939 Unknown   enclosure with imported pottery on earlier site.
Heslop 1980-82 Unknown    
Highfield pit Unknown    
Hooley 1931 Unknown    
Hoplands 09 Unknown Unknown  
Hull 1963, refholder 3 Unknown    
Hull 1963, refholder 4 Unknown    
Hurst 1972 excav Unknown    
Insula xvii 1938 Unknown Unknown  
Jenkins Field 1926 Unknown   Also small quantities noted as present in Greep 1986, 52-3, but not discussed further.
Jewbury Unknown Residual  
Jewry Wall Unknown Unknown  
J. Holmes Unknown   Excavations by J. Holmes (Holmes 1949).
Johnson 1975 Unknown Early Roman  
Joslin Coll Burial Unknown  
Keeley Lane Unknown Early Roman  
Kingsholm Sq 1951 Layer   11 burials cut through layer containing 1st-2nd century finds (Rennie 1953)
Laing 1966, refholder 1 Unknown    
Laing 1966, refholder 2 Unknown    
Lavant Unknown   Unstratified finds from gas trenches (Winbolt 1935; White 1935).
Little London Unknown   Unstratified finds from gas trenches (Winbolt 1935).
Local society Unknown    
London Rd Unknown Unknown  
London Wall Unknown Unknown  
Lyon & Gould 1964 Unknown    
May 1916 Unknown Unknown  
Moorfields Unknown Unknown ?Burial
Museum Collection Unknown Unknown  
North Pole Lane Unstratified    
NW Defences Unknown Residual  
O'Neil 1972 Unknown Early Roman  
Osea Rd 1972 Unknown   excavation of the Red Hill, Osea Road, Maldon, Essex (de Brisay 1973)
Oswald Unknown    
OW 1966-67 Unknown    
Palace 1962-66 Unknown    
Parfitt 2003 Unknown    
Parry 1998 Unknown    
Partridge unpub Unknown   Excavations by C. Partridge near Ware, Herts, ?unpub.
Pincents Farm Unknown    
Poole Museum Unknown   Material recorded from Poole Museum from possible pre-Roman Iron Age settlement.
Potter 1971-72 Unknown Unknown  
Price 1971 Unknown    
Priory Hill Burial Unknown (Payne 1889, 202-4 photo) cf. Parfitt 1995,182
Prospect Park Unknown    
Reece 1981-84 Unknown Unknown  
Rigby 1977 Unknown   Eastington (Rigby 1977)
Robertson unpub Unknown Flavian  
Rodwell Unknown Unknown  
Rodwell 1965 Unknown   Large collection of pottery dating from 1st-4th centuries from a settlement site being destroyed by the sea. Material collected from salterns together with briquetage.
Scott 1938 Unknown    
Sheepen Unknown   58.1978; 1963 (latter found in curator's office in 1963 and presumed to be from Sheepen).
Sheepen 1971 Unknown Unknown Probably from excavations at Kiln Road, 1971 on south side of Sheepen (cf. Hawkes and Crummy 1995, 131).
Sheepen I Unknown Unknown  
Sheepen II Unknown Unknown  
Shepherds Garden Unknown    
Simpson 1973 Unknown    
Simpson and Griffith Unknown    
Skeleton Green Unknown Unknown  
Smith 1930; 1935 Unknown   Smith 1930; 1935
Smith 1939 Unknown    
Snow Hill Cemetery A Unknown Unknown  
Southend Museum Unknown Unknown  
Springhead exc,gp Unknown   Excavations by the Springhead excavation group.
St Denys SOU 981 Unknown Early Roman Roman settlement of mid/late 1st century date found at 20 Eastfield Rd, St Denys where iron working seems to have been a significant activity.
Stead 1962-72 Unknown    
Stead 1964-65 Unknown    
Tebbutt 1957 Unknown pre-conquest site abandoned before conquest and reoccupied at end of 1st century AD
Telegraph House Unknown   1938, 6-2.1. British Museum.
Temple Barns Unknown Unknown  
'The Bungalow' Ditch   'Pottery from The Bungalow'
The Croft Unknown    
Theological College Unknown Unknown  
The Smallholding Unknown   Evans 2000.
The Vineyard Unknown Early Roman  
Thong Lane Unknown   Kent Archaeol Rev no. 73 (1983).
Threadneedle St 1862 Unknown Unknown LN2 20862, Cam 8 stamped
Todd 1975 Unknown   From Iron Age settlement below Roman fort (Todd 1975, 215). Material recovered from pits and gullies includes Gallo-Belgic imports.
Todd 1981b Unknown   Todd 1981
Tomalin unpub. Unknown Roman  
Tony Gregory Unknown Unknown  
unknown Unknown    
Unknown 1 Unknown Unknown  
Unknown 10 Unknown    
Unknown 11 Unknown LIA-early Roman Source: Trott & Tomalin 2003.
Unknown 12 Unknown Tiberian - Claudian Source: Trott & Tomalin 2003.
Unknown 13 Unknown    
Unknown 14 Unknown    
Unknown 15 Unknown   Hertford Museum. Possibly from a burial as almost complete.
Unknown 16 Unknown   re-excavation of temple; earliest feature beneath base of porch with TN platter and butt beaker.
Unknown 17 Unknown   Possibly from a burial. From unpublished excavations. Info. C. Wallace.
Unknown 18 Unknown Unknown 2000.72.144 found in museum store probably Sheepen
Unknown 19 Unknown    
Unknown 2 Unknown Unknown  
Unknown 20 Burial   Complete vessels in Canterbury Museum probably from burials and possibly from Canterbury (Parfitt 1995, 191).
Unknown 21 Unknown    
Unknown 22 Unknown Unknown  
Unknown 23 Unknown Unknown  
Unknown24 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown 3 Unknown    
Unknown 4 Unknown    
Unknown 5 Unknown    
Unknown 6 Unknown    
Unknown 7 Unknown Unknown Reads Trench I Context 1001. ('below House floor /8.1929'). Unpub. Ashmolean Museum.
Unknown 8 Unknown Unknown  
Unknown 9 Unknown    
Wacher 1958 excav. Unknown Early Roman military association.
Ward 1981 Unknown Early Roman military
waterworks site Unknown   Finds in British Museum.
Watling St 1945 Layer Early Roman 'from grey loam below the foundation'
West St Helens St. Unknown Unknown unpub excavations WH 70-71; C71 B, H.
West Street Unknown   Unstratified from gas trenches (Winbolt 1935)
Wickbourne Unknown   Wickbourne, Wick Farm Road, 1950-53
Wilson 1955 Unknown   Cited in Wilson 1955, 76.
Wilson 1955, refholder 1 Unknown    
Wright Colln. Unknown    
York Minster Unknown Residual  
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