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361 __PI)RIOS __T/-\RIOS The fragment cannot be assigned to a specific name. The closest parallels are TIBIIRIOS at Bingen, Behrens IV, fig. 93, 1172 and TIITAR(I)OS at Trier, TR65. Despite the different readings they are almost certainly fro the same die which would read TIITARIOS.
Die O1A01
Fabric: TR1C
Form: large platter
Source: import
Distribution: Silchester
362 IANTASIO   DIE 01A01
FORM Cam 8
SOURCE Trier, LouisLinzstrasse kilns (VR notes)
DATE AD50-70
DISTRIBUTION Pepper Hill cemetery
363 ZP II0II   Unusual square central motif betwen bars
DIE 01A01
FORM Cam 58S. grooved lip
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Pepper Hill cemetery
364 Cautios Cavitos Die 01A01 fabric TN, form Cam 16. Source: oneof the main TN production sites. Date: Form still current c AD 80.
365 SAMMO/OMMAS re (/I/\/\ /\/\ o Die 01A01; Fabric: TR (heavily burnt); Form: large platter; Source: import; Distribution: Sheepen III
366 Varos   Die: 01A01; Fabric: TN; Form: Cam 14; Source: import; Date: After AD40; Distribution: Sheepen III
367 VIOH   Dir: 01A01; Fabric: TR1C; Forms: Cam 56; Source: import; Date ?; Distribution:Sheepen III, Nijmegen cemetery S (TR).
368 BRV(OS BRULOS/BRUCOS Die: 01A01; Fabric: TN/ITN; Form: ?Cam 16; Source: ? Date: AD 50-85; Distribution: Sheepen III
369 I//IVRATO' INVRATO Die: 01A01; Fabric: TN; Form: Cam 5; Source: import; Date: ?; Distribution: Sheepen III, Nijmegen (cemetery O) (Cam 5 TN); Bingen
370 IVIDOI/   Large TN platters. Cam 16. Distribution: Chichester 1956 & Chapel St; Sheepen I and II
ICPS sample 11
371 ZM I\ /I\ /II /\   TN platter
372 ZM I \/.\'\'[ ] ZM .\.\'/ \I TR1 C form Cam 56 (large)
373 Torosv   A version of the name apparently reading TOTO/\\/ on Cam 16 in cemetery S, Nijmegen (Holwerda 1942). The die size & TORO match Die 01A01; the rest could have been distorted by the domed base. If it is the same die V1125 is Tib-Claud at the earliest.
374 ZC S/\IIIII [_] ZC [_]IIIII\/ Uncertain reading. Fabric: TR2. Form: small platter. Distribution: Silchester Insula IX
375 BEV / V   Uncertain reading. BE clear, remainder smudged and difficult. In terms of size it could be BENIO found at the kiln of Sept Saulx, Marne and removed to Mainz and pubushed in Mz Zt 1942-3, p. 9, Abb 6,3. The die-style with large letters and no border is totally different to the typical Bento/Benio workshops even in coarseware. Die: 01A01; fabric: TN' form Cam 58. Date: AD 50-85. Distribution: SIlchester Insula IX (V1128).
376 ZC [ ] IT/_   Uncertain reading. The orientation is uncertain because ..IT.. is clear, but the impression could be retrograde. The last letter could be a complete A. Die: 01A01; Fabric: TN; Form: large platter; Distribution: Silchester (nsula IX (V1132)
377 IIbbO IIPPO (retro) Possibly not a Gallo-Belgic potter. Distribution: Folkestone
378 A/V/O/T/   FABRIC: TN and TR1C. FORM: Cam, 56A and Cam 56C small; SOURCE: import. If the die-cutter was shared with Vero/Verigamo then source will be Reims; DATE: uncertain; DISTRIBUTION: EKA 09, Sevenscore Scarp, East Kent, cremation with 5 pots - V1143, flagon Cam 131, Cam 113, GTW cordoned bowl; Trier TR18 Grave, C56 small TR1C
379 vIR abb.   DIE 01A01; Fabric: TN; FORMS: small and large platters' SOURCE: ? DATE: ? DISTRIBUTION: Silchester 2011.14; Chateau Porcien CPV4, Varillon Colln, Marne (unpub. private collection).
380 DIVIIRTO DIVIIRIO DIE: 01A01; FABRIC: TN; FORM: ?small platter; SOURCE: import; DATE: ?; DISTRIBUTION: Silchester A2011.14
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