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Angus Cardean Robertson unpub Unknown Unknown Flavian  
Avon Camerton Wedlake 1958 Pit Pit Early Roman Samian
Avon Sea Mills 1945-6 Unknown Unknown    
Avon Sea Mills 1965 1965-68 excav Unknown    
Avon Sea Mills 1965 SM XIV 29 Unknown    
Bedfordshire Arlesey Etonbury Unknown Unknown   Ransome Colln. British Museum 1915, 12-8, 28.
Bedfordshire Harlington Maskell's quarry Cremation 8 Cremation   Cremation group of 4 vessels laid out in a line N-S in a rectangular hollow. In addition to the TN platter was a whiteware flagon, butt beaker, a sand tempered lid and a Colchester brooch. The burial was that of a young adult. The bone was despoited in the western half of the grave.
Bedfordshire Odell Dix 1974-76 F 222 Layer 28 Unknown Unknown Unpublished excavations.
Bedfordshire Odell Dix 1974-76 F 400 C Unknown Unknown  
Bedfordshire Ruxox Dawson 2004 Unknown Unknown Early Roman  
Bedfordshire Sandy 'The Bungalow' Unknown Ditch   'Pottery from The Bungalow'
Bedfordshire Shefford Inskip Coll. Burial Burial Tiberian  
Bedfordshire Stanfordbury Dryden 1845 burial Burial Claudian samian
Bedfordshire Wootton Keeley Lane Unknown Unknown Early Roman  
Bedfordshire Wyboston Tebbutt 1957 Unknown Unknown pre-conquest site abandoned before conquest and reoccupied at end of 1st century AD
Berkshire Arborfield Whitehall brick work Tr 12, F124 (3) Other LIA-early Roman 'hollow'
Berkshire Burghfield Boon & Wymer 1958 Burial Burial    
Berkshire Reading Prospect Park Unknown Unknown    
Berkshire Thatcham Crookham House uprooted tree Unstratified Unknown TM1 1930 6-16 1 V138 P18; TM2 ditto 2 V139 P18; TM3 ditto 3 V466 P18. In Newbury Museum collection - TM4 S488 V882 P163; TM5 S488 V883 P255. BM Register reads ' All found with contemporary fragments [Newbury Museum] "in the wood near Crookham House, Thatcham parish" about 1921. Early 1st century AD'. 4 is a Cam 113 butt beaker sherd. Noted in Peake 1930.
Berkshire Tilehurst Pincents Farm Unknown Unknown    
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