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Kent - Dover


potter Noname1name2Die NoStamp Nofabricformexcavationcontext print
1 records
144 IVINOF Not Located 01A01 986 TN Cam 8 Priory Hill Unknown

Quantified data

excavationcontextfabricformStampmnvcomments print
2 records
Maxton Burial TR 3 Cam 112   1 Survives in two published descriptions only (Astley 1867, 279; Payne 1889, 202-4, photo opp. p. 204, pot A, back row, extreme left). The vessel is described as having been broken and repaired in antiquity with many rivets. It contained cremated bone and a fibula (Parfitt 1995, 181-2).
Priory Hill Unknown TN Cam 8 986 1 Vessel now missing, originally recorded by Payne 1889 (cf Parfitt 1995, 182).

Associated finds

excavationclassSub Classcomment print
1 records
Maxton Fineware Cam 113 butt-beaker (Parfitt 1995, 180).
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