Stamp number 1096

Stamp No 1096
form Cam 56
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen Institute
context Area A us
inventory A403
vr_cat_no SI4
potter No 65
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment Large Cam 56. TN - fine brown matrix; black surfaces; highlt polished inner, polished outer. Border. Reading: E(I/\TO retro. 1.1 IC. Typical dark ware for the die.
name1 EDATO \$
name2 ED(I)TATO
comment Although the versions of the name are different both dies were cut by the same hand, both are retrograde and both occur only on TN. Die 02A01 is a common die with stamps concentrated around Colchester suggesting local production supported by the red-brown matrix of some TN. However, the presence of one at Nijmegen and the very mixed TN fabrics supports import.
DIES 01A01, 02A01
DIE-STYLES 1; two versions of the name cut by same die-maker
Die 01A01
FORMS small platters, Cam 58
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I (7); Silchester; Cambridge 'Clay farm'; also Luxembourg Museum

Die 02A01 Cut by same hand as 01A01.
FABRICS TN chiefly, TN/CW - red-brown matrix
FORMS Cam 56
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I & II (10); Ardleigh; Little Waltham; Nijmegen, Cemetery S, TN Cam 56.

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