Stamp number 1073

Stamp No 1073
form Platter
fabric TR 1C
excavation Insula IX
context 7639
present Reading University
inventory 4882
potter No 361
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos R
comment Radial. Large platter, with narrow footring 5 mm wide. TR1C - fine orange matrix; darker slip polished upper, unfinished within footring. Reading: [_]PI)RIOS? = TIPIIRIOS. [_]T/-\RIOS? =TIITARIOS. 1. at least 1 BRW + 1 double IC, stamp between.
name1 __PI)RIOS
name2 __T/-\RIOS
comment The fragment cannot be assigned to a specific name. The closest parallels are TIBIIRIOS at Bingen, Behrens IV, fig. 93, 1172 and TIITAR(I)OS at Trier, TR65. Despite the different readings they are almost certainly fro the same die which would read TIITARIOS.
Die O1A01
Fabric: TR1C
Form: large platter
Source: import
Distribution: Silchester
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