Stamp number 1143

Stamp No 1143
form Cam 8
fabric TR 1C
excavation East Kent Access
context EKA 09 209121
present Wessex Archaeology
inventory SF439 Burial 209121
vr_cat_no EKA2
potter No 139
Die No 01A02
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 8/7. TR1C - orange-red fine sandy matrix with sparse argillaceous inclusions, red slip; flaked, abraded, no finish survives; fabric as Acutus P33 etc. No decoration. Reading: VERVICO. Condition - broken and repaired with adhesive in antiquity so 'standing' when placed in grave. Probably broken in half across the stamp with part of the rim detached. Die to the abraded state of the surfaces & the fracture the rubbing is poor & inaccurate when compared with the actual stamp [see KHL for repaired pots].
name1 Vervico
comment DIE 01A01. Possibly the same die-cutter as P138 Verilamo(s)
FORM Cam 8/7
SOURCE import
Die-group at Luxembourg Museum, TR platter. Nijmegen, Cemetery 0, TR Cam 8/7 (2), Cemetery E, TR Cam 8/7, Cemetery OH, TR Cam 7.
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