Stamp number 1140

Stamp No 1140
form Cam 14
fabric TN
excavation OW 65-69
context Area P 66 F707
inventory 73+83+84
vr_cat_no OWY2
potter No 188
Die No 09A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 14. TN - fine buff matrix; dark blue-grey surfaces; heavily weathered, flaked and laminated surfaces, traces of polished finish. Uncertain reading: - (/\ocA; onlt the A is clear. Condition - very bad; small slivers, heavily weathered; about 7/8 base circuit with stamp survives so possibly an almost complete platter when deposited and then crushed and abraded.
name2 STAMP
comment Single-line impressions divided between
A-group no border
B-group wIth border
Subsequently each stamp separately numbered 01 onwards.

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