Stamp number 1084

Stamp No 1084
form Cam 16
fabric CW
excavation A2PC06
context Burial 6190
inventory 692/6257
vr_cat_no XPH5
potter No 5
Die No 03D01
def N
pos C
comment Cam 16 copy, typologically exact offset, chamfer and footring. CW - sandy textured, micaceous ware; grey core; red margins; dark grey burnished surfaces. Border. Reading: BENT\/\o. O with central spot. 1. 2 broad shallow BC. CONDITION: complete when deposited. CONTEXT: cremation. One of a group of five, V1080-1084, made in two batches in the same workshop and probably for the funeral. Judging from the die connection fired in the same batch as V1080.
name1 Bent(i)o
name2 Benios II
comment See P4 and 5 for related products of Benio I and Binio \ Benio III
DIES 03A01, 03D01 - BENTO
DIE-STYLES 2, Die-group 03A noted for dotted O and reversed \/\.
Die 03A01
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I & II, Faversham, London, Harlington, Heybridge, Nijmegen, Cemetery S, TN Cam 8

Die 03D01
FABRIC CW bonfire fired sandy
FORM Cam 16 copy
SOURCE workshop local to the Upchurch marshes
DATE AD 50-85
DISTRIBUTION Pepper Hill cemetery

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