Stamp number 144

Stamp No 144
form Cam 8
fabric TR 1C
excavation Pipeline find 1952
context Burial
present Arch & Eth Cambridge
inventory 1953.17
vr_cat_no AE1
potter No 70
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 8/7. TR1C - orange fine sandy matrix; darker slip; worn surfaces, trace of polished upper, smoothed lower. Border top & bottom. Reading:- C/\RIIVIR. No decoration. CONDITION - restored to complete. CONTEXT - rich cremation burial.
name1 Carevir
comment Only one die has been identified. The distribution is so wide suggesting that the potter worked for a limited time at one location and concentrated on a small platter form in TR1C
DIE 01A01
FORMS Cam 8/7with straight lower facet; all look like one batch{Cam 6/7/8 variant
SOURCE import, Rheims likely (Habert 101)
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I(3) & Sheepen II (2); Snailwell Cremation. Possibly in Lexden Cemetery, St Clare Drive Grave. Chateau Porcien ' Larmigny Briqueterie' (RTL8) burnt TR, unique Cam 6/7/8; Noyelles-Godault, TR Cam 8/7; Hunnerberg, TR Cam 7; Annelles, TR Cam 8/7; Rheims, TR platter; Menil Annelles, burial in Rheims museum, TR Cam 8; Nijmegen, Cemetery O, E and S, TR(4), TN (2) Cam 8/7; Luxembourg museum, TR platters (3); St Martin-Longueau (Deru 10).

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