Stamp number 1144

Stamp No 1144
form Cam 8
fabric TR 1A
excavation Clay Farm
context Burial 10193
present Oxford East
inventory SF 351
vr_cat_no AY4
potter No 70
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment Central. Cam 8, typical of Carevir with a straight lower facet. TR1C - red sandy matrix; darker slip; surfaces discoloured? tannin from leather covering box; weathered; no finish survives. Reading: C/\RIIVIR bordered. Severely fragmented with new breaks, probably complete when deposited. See Snailwell and Pepper Hill cremations.
name1 Carevir
comment Only one die has been identified. The distribution is so wide suggesting that the potter worked for a limited time at one location and concentrated on a small platter form in TR1C
DIE 01A01
FORMS Cam 8/7with straight lower facet; all look like one batch{Cam 6/7/8 variant
SOURCE import, Rheims likely (Habert 101)
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I(3) & Sheepen II (2); Snailwell Cremation. Possibly in Lexden Cemetery, St Clare Drive Grave. Chateau Porcien ' Larmigny Briqueterie' (RTL8) burnt TR, unique Cam 6/7/8; Noyelles-Godault, TR Cam 8/7; Hunnerberg, TR Cam 7; Annelles, TR Cam 8/7; Rheims, TR platter; Menil Annelles, burial in Rheims museum, TR Cam 8; Nijmegen, Cemetery O, E and S, TR(4), TN (2) Cam 8/7; Luxembourg museum, TR platters (3); St Martin-Longueau (Deru 10).

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