Stamp number 307

Stamp No 307
form Cam 8
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen I
context 1935H&H
present Colchester Museum
inventory C35BS11
vr_cat_no 226
potter No 5
Die No 03A01
def N
pos C
comment Die 03A01
Cam 8. TN - white fine matrix; blue-black surfaces; polished finish. Border. Reading:- B[E]I/ITO. Dotted O. 1 IC. CONTEXT : H3 290-300' @ 1' excavated by Notley & Eggleton
name1 Bent(i)o
name2 Benios II
comment See P4 and 5 for related products of Benio I and Binio \ Benio III
DIES 03A01, 03D01 - BENTO
DIE-STYLES 2, Die-group 03A noted for dotted O and reversed \/\.
Die 03A01
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I & II, Faversham, London, Harlington, Heybridge, Nijmegen, Cemetery S, TN Cam 8

Die 03D01
FABRIC CW bonfire fired sandy
FORM Cam 16 copy
SOURCE workshop local to the Upchurch marshes
DATE AD 50-85
DISTRIBUTION Pepper Hill cemetery

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