Stamp number 1132

Stamp No 1132
form Platter
fabric TN
excavation Insula IX
context A2010.48.11108
present Reading University
inventory SF6158
vr_cat_no FU47
potter No 376
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos R
comment Radial, large platter with functional footring. TN - dark matrix, dark grey-black surfaces, polished upper. Uncertain reading: [__]IT/_ or [__]ITA or ATI[__] retrograde. 1. two incised circles overstamped.
name1 ZC [ ] IT/_
comment Uncertain reading. The orientation is uncertain because ..IT.. is clear, but the impression could be retrograde. The last letter could be a complete A. Die: 01A01; Fabric: TN; Form: large platter; Distribution: Silchester (nsula IX (V1132)
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