Stamp number 1128

Stamp No 1128
form Cam 58
fabric TN
excavation Insula IX
context A2008.31.8527
present Reading University
inventory 197
vr_cat_no FU44
potter No 375
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Central. Cup Cam 58 with internal offset. TN - pale B/G sandy matrix with black inclusions; B/G surfaces; polished interior to flange. Uncertain reading: - BEV/V. No decoration. Condition - complete base circuit; joining sherds to 1/2 rim.
name1 BEV / V
comment Uncertain reading. BE clear, remainder smudged and difficult. In terms of size it could be BENIO found at the kiln of Sept Saulx, Marne and removed to Mainz and pubushed in Mz Zt 1942-3, p. 9, Abb 6,3. The die-style with large letters and no border is totally different to the typical Bento/Benio workshops even in coarseware. Die: 01A01; fabric: TN' form Cam 58. Date: AD 50-85. Distribution: SIlchester Insula IX (V1128).
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