Stamp number 1125

Stamp No 1125
form Cam 5
fabric TR 1C
excavation Insula IX
context 4381
present Reading University
inventory 5110
potter No 373
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos R
comment Cam 5 with rounded facets typical of later versions and functional foot-ring. TR1C - pale orange, finer grained matrix; darker orange slip; polished upper. 3/4 radial stamps survive; no central stamp. Reading TOROSV. Large and clear letters. Condition: joining sherds making about 2.3 of circuit. Parts burnt after breakage.
name1 Torosv
comment A version of the name apparently reading TOTO/\\/ on Cam 16 in cemetery S, Nijmegen (Holwerda 1942). The die size & TORO match Die 01A01; the rest could have been distorted by the domed base. If it is the same die V1125 is Tib-Claud at the earliest.
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