Stamp number 1029

Stamp No 1029
form Necked Jar
fabric Im Eggshell
excavation Balkerne Lane 1973-6
context T339
present Colchester Museum
inventory P5304
vr_cat_no YCL9
potter No 308
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos U
comment Beaker base. Imitation Eggshell. Underside. Uncertain Reading:- BELLIVv(.
name1 BIILIV/\I
comment Bellius as the generic name occurs in a variety of spellings under the base of thin-walled beakers. Versions reading BELLI or BELLIA are also recorded on beakers in black fine sand-tempered wares in Britain. BELLIAXVS is also limited to beakers at Bavay the likely production site. There is no stamp evidence that he produced cups and platters in TR and TN.
DIES 01A01.
FABRICS Imitation Eggshell TN .
FORMS Beaker.
DISTRIBUTION Colchester, Balkerne Lane

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