Stamp number 1147

Stamp No 1147
form Cup
fabric TN
excavation Clay Farm
context Burial 10193
present Oxford East
inventory SF349
vr_cat_no AY7
potter No 190
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Central. Hemispherical cup Holwerda 85B with no grooving and functional footring, rounded profile 5 mm tall; centring spot for footring on underside. Drag. 40 listed as 'proto-type' TN/ITN - white fine grained sandy matrix; blue-black surfaces; polished patch on exterior otherwise matt. Interior matt? the original finish or weathered? Unreadable: - possible 2-line die with /\t.../... The impression is too small for the form parallels at Nijmegen. Decoration - 1 fine incised circle c. 30 mm up from base.
comment Impressions divided between
A-group no border
B-group with border
Subsequently each stamp separately numbered 01 onwards.

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